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University of Pennsylvania


Political Science, Minors: Consumer Psychology and Africana Studies

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Stanford University, Georgetown University, Bowdoin College, Davidson College, Emory University, Saint Mary's College of California, Santa Clara University, University of Miami, Vassar College, University of Southern California, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, University of California Davis, Howard University, Spelman College

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unweighted, 3.96 weighted, 4.576



Sabria Henry-Hunter is 19 years old and a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout high school, she has participated in the Interact Club, for which she is the current President, the Puente Club, for which she is the former Vice President, and the Mock Trial Program, for which she is the current President and Team Captain. Sabria is also the founder of the Young Scholars of Salinas Club, which has helped create access to college readiness resources for marginalized students. Not only is Sabria a leader on campus, but she participates in golf, basketball, and track and field, all of which she has served as a captain for two years. Sabria also excels in the classroom, as she is her school’s salutatorian with a GPA of 4.576.

After becoming proficient in Spanish, Sabria decided to extend her knowledge of languages to Japanese. Because of her courage and zealousness with her education, she was able to visit Japan on a field trip with the AP Japanese students during Spring break of her junior year. This love of learning and cultures continued as she embarked on a journey to South Africa this summer with World Learning’s, The Experiment Leadership Institute. Sabria is not only dedicated to becoming an impetus for global change, but she also has a heart for her own community.

With a recorded 1748 hours of community service, Sabria has done her part in demonstrating Ujima, a Kwanzaa principle representing collective work and responsibility. In the last two years, Sabria has dedicated 392 hours towards being a tutor and mentor at The Village Project’s Emanyatta Saturday School and the Mae C. Johnson Cultural Enrichment Academy. Sabria has come to know many of the students and she is determined to rewrite the narrative for African American youth in her community through encouraging them to pursue higher education. Sabria believes that she is charged with sharing resources, because she recognizes that her personal success is negated when members of her community are disenfranchised.

Rows of lettuce and rows of tombstones. Sabria comes from a town where the red and blue of police sirens is repeatedly provoked by that of gang members. Whether it be an immigration raid or a drug bust, the law is constantly impacting her city; however, as in most of America, “justice” is not always served. Pursuing a career in law will allow Sabria to help ensure that the court functions properly. She hopes to move toward a system in which the accused are “innocent until proven guilty,” and people will “do the time for the crimes” they have committed. Lawyer. Trial consultant. Correctional Instructor. Though she is not sure if she will sit as a judge, run for local office, or start a non-profit, she knows that she is drawn to social justice reform, including the transformation of law enforcement training, privatization of prisons, and rehabilitation in correctional facilities.


Bay Area, California


African American

First generation university student:




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English, conversational in Spanish, Japanese, American Sign Language

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US Domestic Applicant