Student Referral Program

Referral Program

How to refer your friends

If you know students looking to apply to college, we’d love to connect them with our mentors! To reward you for referring your friends, you’ll earn $25 per student you refer to Squired. 

You can use the buttons below to share Squired on your social networks. You can also share our essays, profiles and other resources along with your referral code to earn money with each student that signs up. 

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To link to a specific page on the site with your referral link, append this link to the end of any Squired URL:
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How will I be paid?

When your referral signs up, you’ll earn your referral fee when they book their first session. If you’ve referred someone without a referral link and they forgot to include your name at signup, simply contact Support with the student’s name and we’ll credit you for the referral manually. 

You will be paid through your preferred Squired payment method (e.g. PayPal or bank transfer). 

Have a YouTube channel?

If you have a YouTube channel or other audience you’re looking to share Squired with, get in touch with our team to discuss our Partners program. 

To find out more about our Partners program, visit our Partners page here.