Support & FAQs

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What is Squired?

Squired is a platform that connects students applying to universities with students who’ve attended or graduated from some of the most competitive school in the US and internationally. 

What do mentors provide?

Mentors provide one-on-one help and guidance throughout the college application process. Whether you’re looking for advice on school selection, essay editing or first hand insights on the college experience, Squired mentors are here to help. 

How are mentors verified?

All Squired verified mentors have proven their student status at their respective universities and are experienced with all aspects of the college application process. To find out more about an individual mentor’s expertise, reach out to them through private message on their Profile. 

How can I find the best mentor?

Squired is built off of the principle that everyone has different needs, strengths, interests and responds to teaching differently. As such, the best mentor varies for each student, and we encourage you to browse through our mentors’ profiles to find the best fit for you. By working with a mentor who has similar strengths, interests and has gone to your target school, you can receive the most relevant advice to your situation, rather than a one size fits all approach. 

Student Support

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