Squired Anti-Plagiarism Policy

What We Offer

Squired features essays and profiles of students that were accepted to top schools like Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Our applications include full Common App essays, supplements, and extracurriculars.

Our Plagiarism Policy

Squired should not attempt to pass any content found on IvyApps as their own. Universities and the Common Application now run essays and supplements through anti-plagiarism software that can very easily detect plagiarism on your application and elsewhere. Moreover, plagiarism is unethical and even if you avoid detection on the application process an incident of plagiarism can have serious negative impacts on your future career.

How You Should Use Squired

Squired is meant as a resource that students can use to get ideas for their own application essays and supplements and as a way to see what colleges look for in your application. While seeing successful applications is a great way to get inspiration for your own essay, admissions officers look most for essays that are personal and tell a compelling story about you.