Virtually all of Stanford’s undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate – and us – get to know you better. (250 words)

Hey roommate!

My environment and I are oxymorons. I can guarantee that I am the most organized messy person while being the messiest organized individual. My mind works in mysterious ways that even I have not been able to unearth. There are times when I am focused and will make sure everything is pristine to the point of perfection. I will have my planner filled out, my workspace clean, and my room tidy. Such things help me concentrate and outside interactions, such as outsiders in our room will not be appreciated.

But the opposite is just as true. There are times when everything in my life is in chaos and I function properly. There will be times when I am completely fine with others being in our room or my desk being in total shambles. The condition of my surroundings flips like a light switch and is randomly determined. Maybe it’s because of stress, or maybe it’s something deeper.

Whatever the condition may be, I will never refuse the opportunity to have a deep conversation. I enjoy talking about absolutely anything, but I get profound with my feelings. My method of catharsis is to talk about everything on my mind. Simply listening to me while I talk is sufficient to solve my problems. I will always reciprocate the favor and listen to whatever you have to say. I am quite receptive and will try my best to be a form of emotional support whenever you need it.

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