Tell us about something that is meaningful to you and why. (250 words)

Capturing sensational moments in life is precious. These moments may seem trivial while they occur, but they possess massive value for later recollection. For me, photography is only one of those ways to cement events eternally. Nowadays, photography is so advanced and capable that tweaks and styles can advance pictures and videos into works of art that contain significance.

Combine this with my proclivity to play around with phones and their software. Modern-day phones have excellent cameras, but they can be enhanced through app development that can enable portraits, longer exposure times, and other DSLR features. Starting out in this discipline is a great way to understand how software collaborates with hardware to predicate the outcome known as the “photo”.

The possibilities with photos are endless. The vast amount of nature and establishments in the world makes it easy to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Newer developments, such as low light photos and astrophotography, make the quest for change even more interesting.

Although nascent, these features are open-sourced for amateur developers like me. Basic knowledge is enough to significantly enhance phone cameras and take photos that contain a deeper meaning with all of its colors, blurs, and contrasts. The amalgamation of photography and computer science has provided for an interactive experience that allows me to consistently learn while pursuing a separate, and seemingly unrelated, artistic hobby. It is one of the few times where I am able to engage both sides of my brain in something I enjoy.

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