Stanford Supplement – Tell us about something that is meaningful to you and why. (100 to 250)

The first day of senior year, dozens of girls in my grade came to school with a brand new nose. That very day, my friend asked me whether or not my mom was planning on paying for my nose job this year. Like all the women and men in my family, I possess the infamous family “Schnoz,” a nose curved and wide- with that lovely flat bridge in middle.

I have the nose of my mother, her mother, and all of my ancestors. Lots of families have a relic of sorts that is passed on from generation to generation. My family’s relic is the nose. It’s a relic that I carry with me every minute of every day and reminds me of my family ties and cultural identity every time I look in the mirror

My big nose connects me to my entire family as well as my heritage- and thus I have no plan or desire to change it. Conventional beauty standards would have noses be petite, small, and button-like. But the truth is that no one feature can define beauty- it follows no strict guidelines. Despite what anyone says, my schnoz is beautiful, and reminds me each day to never hide who I am, and to always be proud of that person.

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