Squired Seminar: Crafting Your Story for College Applications

This Thursday, Squired hosted a live seminar by Squired mentors Eesha Agarwal, Dyllen Nellis and Independent Educational Consultant Teo Salgado.

Eesha is a student at Princeton studying Computer Science with a passion for the use of computer science and technology to help people and communities around the world.

Dyllen is a Stanford student majoring in Art Practice and minoring in Symbolic Systems, as well as a YouTube creator and artist.

Teo is a college consultant with over 20 years of experience in education, working with students to help them find their best fit and guide them on how to get there. Teo is also Principal at VerveSmith educational consultants, based in Toronto, Canada.

Eesha and Dyllen also discussed their experiences with college applications and as students at Stanford and Princeton, as well as their advice on how students applying now can improve their own chances of admission to their dream schools. With early application deadlines approaching, the seminar focused on college essay writing, from how to approach the essay prompts to editing your essay.

Watch the Seminar

You can watch the recap of the seminar on Squired’s YouTube channel below:

You can book Eesha, Dyllen and 40+ other Squired mentors on our Mentors page.

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