Squired Opens Summer Mentor Applications

Squired has officially opened applications for summer mentoring positions to students studying at universities across the US.

What is Squired?

Squired connects students applying to competitive universities with mentors who have been through the process themselves, to offer help and advice with the college application process. Mentors offer essay editing, feedback, interview prep, and guidance from first hand experience at a rate significantly below traditional college consultants.

Students can see Mentors’ profiles, essays, and stats to match with mentors with similar interests, strengths and goals. Mentoring sessions are enabled through a two-way approval scheduling system over video chat, offering students world class application advice no matter where they live, which school they go to, or who they know.

Mentor Benefits

Mentors can earn up to $25 an hour, working on their own schedule from wherever they wish. Mentors can start working as soon as they have completed their training session, and are entirely in control of when and where they want to accept bookings through Squired’s scheduling system.

How to Apply

Squired’s mentor application process can be completed entirely online. After signing up, prospective Mentors can book a training session at a time that works for them through the platform, where Squired staff review best practices, services offered and platform functionality to prepare mentors to work with real students.

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