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One-on-one help with your college applications from mentors at top universities. From essay editing to interview prep, our mentors are here to help you perfect your applications.
One-on-one help with your college applications from mentors at top universities. From essay editing to interview prep, our mentors are here for you.
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Jessica, Cornell '23
Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’m a student at Cornell studying Business Administration.
Top Rated

David, Harvard '24

Hey, I’m David! I’m currently studying Economics and Computer Science at Harvard University.
Top Rated

Emma, Stanford '24

Hey, I’m Emma! I’m currently studying at Stanford University, majoring in English with a minor in Computer Science.
Top Rated

Delaney, Wharton '23

Hi! My name is Delaney and I study Business Economics & Public Policy, and Social Impact & Responsibility at UPenn’s Wharton School.

How It Works

1. Select your mentor from our 50+ mentors at top universities.
2. Book a time on your mentor's profile and send them the questions or essays you need help with.
3. Get one-on-one help with your essays, application, and other questions over video chat.

Top Advisors Available Now

Emma, Stanford '24
Major in English
Josh, Brown '24
Major in Applied Math
Jessica, Cornell '23
Major in Business
Joseph, MIT '24
Major Undecided
David, Harvard '24
Major in Economics
Delaney, UPenn '23
Major in Business
Sophia, Stanford '24
Major in Intl. Relations
Lah'Nasia, UPenn '23
Major in Psychology
Elizabeth, UPenn '21
Major in English
Candice, Western '24
Major in CompSci
Grace, Cornell '23
Major in Economics
Anaika, Princeton '23
Major in CompSci
Valerie, UPenn '24
Major in Economics
Amadea, Columbia '24
Major in History
Daniel, Stanford '25
Christina, UPenn '22
Major in Communications
Rajan, Western '25
Major in Economics
Nadine, Northwestern '23
Major in Economics

Get the Insider Perspective.

Get the perspective of mentors from your dream schools.

Squired Mentors draw from first-hand experience to help you bring out the best in your application. Squired offers a diverse selection of mentors from top schools, allowing you to get advice from mentors at each of your dream schools.

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your best self.

Squired Mentors do more than just edit your essays. They help you craft a clear and compelling story that brings out your strengths and personality in your application.

What advisors offer

Admissions Advice

Get guidance through the application process. From selecting schools to choosing the right major for you, this is your chance to learn from your mentor's first-hand experience.

Application Editing

Squired Advisors help you perfect your application and essays to ensure your application brings out your strengths and personality.

Advice and Feedback

Ask questions and learn from your advisor's first-hand experience. From the college experience to essay writing, you'll get the opportunity to have your questions answered one-on-one over video chat throughout the process.

What our students are saying

Frequently Asked Questions.

Advisors provide one-on-one help and guidance throughout the college application process. Whether you’re looking for advice on school selection, essay editing or first hand insights on the college experience, Squired advisors are here to help. 

All Squired verified advisors have proven their student status at their respective universities and are experienced with all aspects of the college application process. 

To find out more about an individual advisor’s expertise, you can view the schools they were accepted to, extracurriculars, and other key information on their Profile. To message advisor privately before booking, create a free Squired account. 

Squired is built off of the principle that everyone has different needs, strengths, interests and responds to teaching differently. As such, the best advisor varies for each student, and we encourage you to browse through our advisors’ profiles to find the best fit for you. 

By working with a advisor who understands your strengths, passions and has first-hand experience at your target school, you will receive the most relevant advice to your situation, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your advisor will join you for a video call session at the time you have booked. During your session, your advisor will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, keeping in mind your overall progress and the areas you need to focus most on. 

To ensure you get the most out of your advising sessions, be sure to prepare your questions and other application materials you want to focus on on a Google Doc beforehand. This will ensure that your mentor can answer your questions and guide you through the application on your call.

If you have questions before your session, you can reach out to your advisor directly through a Squired message on the Advisor profile that you booked them on. 

If you need to reschedule your booking, simply message your advisor over Squired to request a change of time. You can also reach out to Squired Support directly and we will request a reschedule and update your booking time. 

Perfect your application today.

Create your Squired account to message all of our mentors and find out how they can help you get into your dream college.