MIT Essay: Most Significant Challenge



Tell us about the most significant challenge you’ve faced or something important that didn’t go according to plan. How did you manage the situation?

The most overwhelming obstacle I have ever faced occurred in third grade. Doctors determined that my Achilles tendons were too short, which made me a “tippie toe” walker. At first my parents and I were not alarmed, but the doctors explained that if I did not undergo surgery, I would be in a wheelchair by age thirty. My parents decided that having surgery as soon as possible would be my best option. Recovering from the surgery was my hardship. I was required to be in a wheelchair with full leg casts for three months, casts to my knees for an additional three months, walking casts for two more months, and hinged leg braces for yet another two months. After this ten-month span I had lost my ability to even walk; I required a walker just to be mobile. After several months of physical therapy, I finally began to run again. I knew then that I wanted to use my legs to their fullest potential. That life event gave me the competitive drive instilled in me today. Thanks to that surgery I have learned commitment and teamwork both on the football field as well as on the track. I continue pushing my body to its limits today due to my little Achilles tendons that could.

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