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Just in time for college application essay writing season, IvyApps has added 2 full college applications that were accepted to MIT, complete with all questions asked on the MIT application and full essays and responses. Our package of MIT applications includes standardized test scores, GPA, extracurriculars and all other information that was included on their MIT applications.

Like our other packages of college applications and essays, our MIT applications and essays can help you see what MIT looks for in their candidates and get inspiration for your own essays and responses. You’ll also see what other MIT accepted students did to frame their extracurricular activities and transcripts in a way that made a positive impression on the admissions officers.

The MIT application differs significantly from other top ranked schools in that MIT does not use the Common Application system. Instead, they use their own service, MyMIT, that includes shorter responses to more questions than the Common App includes.

MIT applications that got accepted

If you’re interested in MIT applications and essays, check out this essay that was accepted to MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale for free.

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