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Please don’t blame me for the fact that I’m a bit bossy, a little neurotic, and sometimes a hypochondriac. I truly can’t help it. After all, I’m a Virgo, and that’s just how we are. But, hey, I make up for it with my charm, sensitivity, and creativity- I have my moon in Libra to thank for that.

My sister– a Sagittarius no doubt — is considered the smartest one of the family. She likes to ridicule my astrological obsession. Of course my family would laugh at me; they are a posse of self-assured fire signs who would never in a million years believe in anything science can’t explain. I’ve always been called the eccentric one. I am the odd one out in my family of left-brained logicians who won’t stand to accept anything outside their scope of rationality.

I know, I know. There is no evidence that any of it is real. And believe me, I’m well aware of the plethora of data that proves me wrong. But for me, astrology isn’t about finding proof that any of it is real. Astrology is a belief system that I utilize for myself which gives me a unique perspective on the world. Whether it’s technically true or not has no bearing.

Astrology allows me to appreciate the most unique qualities of the people I love most and teaches me to be more lenient in forgiving their transgressions. I notice the way my mother manifests the ambition and passion that only a Leo could possess. And though my best friend, Andrew, might get on my nerves with his characteristic Taurus stubbornness, I know I can always can look to him for advice- as his sign is the most loyal and affectionate. I often notice how my late father had the pure kindness and warmth in his soul that only a Cancer could have possessed. I smile knowing he once lived happily under same sky of stars that now inspires me.

The world can be cruel- I have witnessed that first hand. Yet, in times of darkness, what could be so wrong with looking up to the stars for a bit of light? People can be terrible, and their actions can hurt us beyond repair. The best way to maintain faith in humanity is to know that there is something good in just about everyone. Astrology can be a lens to see that goodness- to look on the bright side.

People call me irrational and foolish for believing in something beyond logic. They actively search for inconsistencies in astrology and use them to evidence its falsehood. However, these skeptics are missing the point. If an idea can provide one with joy, renewed hope, or passion, why should it matter whether or not it’s real? By learning to appreciate the things that are whimsical, magical, or unbelievable, we open our hearts and minds to a better and happier worldview. It doesn’t matter if something is real to others, the fact that it is real to us should be good enough.

  Astrology is my connection to humanity. It gives me an insight into the personality of every person I meet- a reassurance that everyone has something good within their hearts. Sure, I worry way too much, and yes, I can be a tad pessimistic and critical at times. That’s all fine. Because at the end of the day, I’m proud of how exceptionally independent, strong-minded, and empathetic I am. After all, I am a Virgo, and that’s just how we are.

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