7 Ways for Students to Earn Money Online On Their Schedule

We cover 7 of the best ways for students to earn money online while in college. These jobs, side hustles and gigs allow you to earn money in school, while gaining experience and building your portfolio of work to help you earn more once you enter the workforce in your chosen field.

1. College Application Mentoring

While many of these jobs can be done by students to make money online, college consulting is an area where students have a distinct advantage and can earn much more because of it. Parents of students applying to college can pay well into six figures for college consulting services that help prepare their kids for the complexities of the college application process.

Squired allows students to offer their own mentoring services from first hand experience and earn money doing so. Parents and high school students can book mentors for essay editing, interview prep and general advice on the application process specific to their target schools. Squired exclusively hires students and recent graduates and pays up to $25 an hour for mentors working on their own time over video chat.

2. Delivery Apps

Delivery apps like UberEats, Foodora and Doordash let you earn money delivering food on your own schedule. While hourly wages can go up to $20 an hour and beyond, be mindful of what you’re spending on gas and other expenses if you choose to deliver with your personal vehicle.

3. Transcription Platforms

TranscribeME, GoTranscript and other online transcription platforms pay you to transcribe audio into text. According to GoTranscript, their average transcriber earns $150 per month with the top transcriber earning $1215 per month.

4. Paid Surveys

Sites like Swagbucks will pay you to take short surveys and give your opinions to businesses and organizations. Earnings here tend to be quite low, and many sites have minimum withdrawal amounts that limit the accessibility of your earnings.

One way to boost your earnings here is to refer your friends. Many sites will pay you a flat or percentage commission on the earnings your friends make, and if you have a large network or audience this can allow you to earn passive income.

5. Online Tutoring

VIPKid, Qkids and other platforms allow you to earn money teaching kids English online. QKids claims over 800,000 young Chinese students on their platform, primarily between the ages of 4-12. VIPKid has a similarly large student base, also primarily consisting of young Chinese students looking to improve their English through online lessons.

Tutors can earn up to $20 an hour, and are able to work from home as lessons are offered over video chat.

6. Online Gigs

Freelancer jobs for students

Sites like Fiverr and UpWork allow you to offer almost any services you could imagine to paying buyers. Common services include graphic design, voiceover work, writing, marketing and programming.

This works best if you have a specific skill to offer, but it can also serve as a way of building your portfolio and gaining experience in your field. If you’re going to school for writing, design or another in demand field, why not try your hand at it in the real world, get paid to do so and build your portfolio all at the same time?

7. Paid Writing Gigs

Writing can be a great way to earn money while improving your skills and building your portfolio. Sites like Cracked.com, Wanderlust and others pay writers who can produce high quality content that drives traffic to their site. Pay can range from $20 to well into the hundreds of dollars for posts, and articles can help build your personal brand in your field.

SeekingAlpha, a finance/investing speciality site, pays up to hundreds of dollars an article depending on the traffic your post gets, and can serve as experience in your field of study. Generally, fields like investing and finance will pay the most for your writing but require significant research and knowledge on the subject. While the money you earn is important, these articles can also serve as a portfolio of your work when applying for jobs in the future.

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